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Young lives that have experienced trauma are no different from other youth – they have the same needs and wants:

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Village of Promise welcomes any child needing an emotional rest from the isolation and trauma suffered when separated from a parent. Young people will find positive, caring adult mentors who are listening ears to their dreams and fears and give support and unconditional care to each child. Children from age 11 through post-high school graduation are given a safe place and encouragement through programs designed to empower them to become good citizens, excel in school, and live healthy lives. Village of Promise delivers two programs each month:

Annually, a five-day summer camp retreat includes self-growth activities and fun. A child learns coping skills and how to manage their responses to complex family experiences. Alumni of the program meet to develop strategies for successful transitions to independent living and to build a positive future.


Courageous Conversations

Courageous discussions help develop coping skills. Learn ways to change your thinking and problematic emotions and behavior, and embrace new ways of thinking and behaving. You Get tools to succeed.

Expanded Horizons Outings

Visit San Diego businesses behind the scenes. Interact with mentors, each other, and your community.  Enjoy nutritious food and have fun as you explore career opportunities and create a vision for your future.

Camp Promise

Get out in nature where you nurture your spirit. Camp is all about unity, building new relationships, and preparing you to handle life’s challenges.

Alumni Gatherings

Alumni participate in programs that support their successful transition to independent living.  They stay connected to the Village and transition to new roles as mentors to the younger ones in the program.

Mentors Who Care

Someone to look up to.  Someone to talk to about dreams and fears.  A good mentor listens, encourages and cares.  Adult volunteers who have been screened, trained, and supervised make up the mentoring team.

Our Mission Our Vision

The High Five Pillars of Promise

Our mission is to break the cycle of trauma and to inspire hope in youth impacted by parental absence or incarceration.

Our vision is to positively impact the daily lives of children through mentorship.

Village of Promise programs are developed around
Five Pillars and their corresponding memory verses.

One of A Kind

I am unique and rare.

Only Today

Today is the most important day of my life.

Choose Wisely

I have the power to choose thoughts that elevate.

Service with a Smile

Helping others helps me.

Open Heart Open Mind

I’m open to give and receive love.


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